10 Weeks Out: A “What the Hell is This?” Phase

Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow in the OPA Ontario Naturals!!! It would be awesome to see it in person, but thanks to the great amounts of coverage this show will get, I’m really looking forward to seeing the pics from the photographers and the coverage by Great White Fitness!

This week back to training has been excellent. I’m loving being able to do more things (tread mill/track sprints, stair sprints and plyos). Care is still being taken to not over do it. It wouldn’t be too fun to be set back again.

Last week I began a new program. It is a 4 days split with 2 of the upper body days being directly from a program designed by Carter Schoffer (For more about Carter and his services, visit:bodytransformation.com). I had actually introduced these 2 days mid-July but when the desired look for the shoot was to be a bit more full in the upper body, I took some time to focus more on “body-building” type training with heavy lifts and longer rests for the upper body. So here we go with this new direction. I love these two days. I actually loved the entire 4 day split designed by Carter (it was originally for a show prep about a year and a half ago). The leg days were amazing for putting on size, and very quickly. Since this is not the goal right now, these two upper body days will be combined with a different plan for legs as well as some direct arm training. More examples of training will be added soon.

Here is an example of one of the upper body days from Carter’s program design. To see a video of each movement, click on the titles.

1 a) bent over pronated grip bar bell row (4 sets/6 reps) rest 60  seconds

b) close-medium grip bar bell bench press (4 sets/6reps)

rest 60 seconds before returning to a)

2 a) Corner press (3 sets/9 reps) rest 10 sec

b) corner row(3 sets/9 reps) rest 10 sec

c) t-push up(3 sets/ 4 reps)

rest 120 seconds before returning to a)

3) bent over clavicle row (2 sets/12 reps)

rest 90 seconds between sets

I am not checking measurements (skin folds or weight) for a little while. I feel like I’ve really begun to learn how my body responds to different things. It’s hard to explain, but I can also “feel” what stages it’s going through. Right now it seems to be at the “what the hell is this?” phase. It began responding really well to meal plan changes, and this training was only introduced a week ago. Since then, as far as I can tell, there have been no changes. When more “circuit” type training and anaerobic cardio sessions are first introduced, there may not be any changes for the first week or two then suddenly things can begin to change pretty quickly. It’s almost like my body realizes that it’s prep time and then starts “letting go” of everything.

This stage in previous preps used to freak me out a bit. A couple of times I reacted by increasing cardio or changing the meal plan, right away. This didn’t help since 1) it began to burn me out and 2) more muscle was lost in the process than what probably could have been maintained if things were done differently.

Progress slowed as my body began to adapt to the already high amounts of cardio/low caloric intake so then cardio was amped up even more, while the meal plan was made even more restrictive in an attempt to get the fat loss process going again. If things were done differently, prep could have been quite and bit more enjoyable, fatigue would have been limited and post competition rebound would have probably been a lot easier to control.

Now, I’ll just let things happen and if change is necessary, I’ll know soon enough.

Nutrition/Supplement updates will be added soon.

I hope you’re having a great day!


4 thoughts on “10 Weeks Out: A “What the Hell is This?” Phase

  1. Gilly says:

    Renee: I like your posts, especially the part about nutrition and getting competition ready because it shows me something that I don’t know, and usually not pay strict attention to.

    I compete in running and triathlon. I am not going for gold, (although I really like to place among the best in my age group in the local tri’s). I am not strict with my diet, and workouts. I’m mainly having a good time, socializing, and going for the ride. But I’m always with the first 10-20%.

    Reading your posts makes me want to take things to the next level maybe for a season to try new things. Cheers, for the motivation. You’re doing a great job!

  2. reneeprimeau says:

    Thanks so much for always having such nice things to say (I don’t know whether to call you by Gilly or Guillermo! LOL).
    If you can do well at what you love while having fun, then you’ve got it made 🙂 I admire your dedication, Guillermo. You show the importance of team work and determination. But like you say, you’re having a good time, too and that is so awesome.
    So thank you. When I see pictures of you and your team smiling like that, it’s another reminder of how important it is to keep having fun.
    Thanks for your support, you don’t know how much it means to me.

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