2010 CBBF Nationals

This past weekend was the CBBF Nationals in Toronto, Ontario and it was AWESOME. I have never gone to them before, with most of them being out of province, so I was super excited for this opportunity!

The physiques were just incredible and the huge amounts of hard work on that stage was more than obvious. Congratulations to everyone!

Meaghan on stage at the Evening Show

Meaghan looked beautiful! Our final prep-plan worked great and she was relaxed, ready and really looking forward to her time. She rocked it! I have never seen her more comfortable on stage and seeing her next to all the other top placing physiques from all over the country, looking so fantastic made me more than proud.

Her words “I don’t even care how the placings go, I gave it my all and feel so good about everything” before knowing how the placings would fall, were like music to my ears. Of course, going home with a trophy is a nice plus, but you really can’t control how the placings go. This is something she both knows and accepts.

She is very down to earth and her outlook on competing is healthy, refreshing and very unique. Meaghan ended up with a very nice plus to her experience at Nationals. She ended up placing 5th in her division, Bikini-Tall. 5th in her division out of the top placing girls from all over the country! What an awesome day 🙂

Meaghan and the rest of the Top 5 Placers

Congratulations Meaghan, you are fantastic.

For more about Meaghan click here


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