“Off-Season Shape” comments

Like many other off-season competitors, I have heard comments/had questions about not being in stage condition in the off-season. Some meant to be cruel and some out of pure curiosity. Examples “What happened?” “Are you still training?” “So…..are you not competing anymore?”

Whether body fat percentage is a couple of points or more over contest shape, questions may be asked to any off-season competitor.

This may give you the slight urge to either 1) defend yourself 2) cry, or 3) punch the more obnoxious person in the face.

Truthfully, none of those may be necessary or very productive (even as tempting as the third option may be, at times).

Realize that if a comment is really meant as a hurtful jab at you, and isn’t out of pure curiosity, it’s more than likely about the other person’s insecurities and really has nothing to do with you, personally.

You can take the time to explain, or if the person is meaning to be rude, you can choose to see how exhausting and painful it must be for them to be so insecure.

It’s also helpful to remember that with magazines and the stage showing competitors in their top shape, although we may be familiar with “photo shoot/stage shape” vs. “healthy-off-season” or “normal” shape, it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

And if things have slid farther off from where you would like to be in the off-season, don’t worry about it. Get a plan together to get yourself to a healthy, balanced and realistic off season shape, through healthy means.

And as for the downright rude? Pardon the bluntness, but those people and their ignorant comments/questions really don’t matter.

This is your body. You can set your own goals and make your own choices based on how you want to look and live. If you’re not happy about your post-contest shape after being as objective with yourself as possible, or with the help of a coach concerned with your health and wellbeing, it’s your decision to do something about it.

Don’t let questions or perceived views of others affect you.


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5 thoughts on ““Off-Season Shape” comments

  1. Gilly says:

    Nice post! We always have the power to turn bad energy into good energy. sometimes we feel offended by some people, but even in the worst cases there is something that can be turned into a positive action. Growth mindset.


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  3. Nik Kolidas says:

    Great advice! Nobody’s body is anyone else’s business.

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