Alcohol and Fat Loss

originally posted @FITLODE.COM

When we have set a goal for fat loss, we want to keep our bodies in a fat burning state as much as possible, while remaining energetic enough for our great workouts.

Alcohol and Fat LossWhen we have a set plan to fuel our bodies with clean options, while following our training programs specific to our goals, we can be taken, workout by workout and meal by meal straight to the physique we’re aiming for. So where does alcohol fit into our plans? It really doesn’t.

The odd glass of wine or other choice alcoholic beverage may be okay – occasionally – but if you’re in a serious physique transformation phase (e.g. contest prep) alcohol will not help the process. Let’s have a look at some ways it can set things back for us

Dear Hangover, Thanks so much for destroying the likelihood of a good workout today. Jerk!

Anyone who has had one too many is well aware of the not-so-sweet morning and perhaps even entire day after drinking. Hangovers are not likely to equal to productivity, so if you’re planning on getting a great workout in the day after a night out, it’s most likely not gonna happen or not gonna be all that effective.

I’ll take a double shot of Cortisol, hold the Testosterone, please!

There are many other ways alcohol can hinder the fat loss process, one being it reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy. So the idea of keeping that body of yours in a fat burning state is definitely hindered when alcohol is consumed.

We’ve all heard of the potentially catabolic stress hormone cortisol as well as the anabolic hormone, testosterone. These two hormones play a huge role in our fat loss/muscle sparing success. When alcohol is consumed, cortisol levels are raised and testosterone levels drop for up to 24 hours after consumption.

This pizza is AWESOME…wait….can I count this as a protein/carb meal?

Alcohol also increases our appetite while lowering inhibitions, making overeating and reaching for poor food choices a lot more likely. No one needs to tell the sober us that street meat and pizza aren’t going to lead us to the body of our dreams, but tell a more inebriated version that there’s a hot dog vendor within 10 feet of our choice bar or remind us of how delicious Domino’s is and, after salivating slightly, we’re a lot more likely to cave in.

Forming a Plan of Attack

If you are going to have a drink at dinner, it’s wise to wait until after eating your meal to avoid overeating (the point made earlier about alcohol increasing appetite) and do keep your goals in mind if cravings do come about.

If you are planning a night of drinking, skipping meals during the day in an attempt to “save on calories” may not be that great of an idea. This can make poor food choices and overeating A LOT more likely. Have a healthy and sufficient meal before the festivities start, this way you limit your chances of unplanned food splurges.

Of course, nights of a few (or sometimes more) drinks with friends, wine with dinner or on a relaxing night in can be enjoyable and you don’t have to give these things up forever, if you don’t want to. But remember the importance of your goals and enjoy the process while treating your body well.

The best of luck to you on your physique transformation success and as for you booze….beat it!


3 thoughts on “Alcohol and Fat Loss

  1. Gilly says:

    Oh, Renee, thanks for this very good piece before the CityToSurf Marathon! I needed the reminder.

    Keep it coming!

    • reneeprimeau says:

      Hey Guillermo! I didn’t know you had a marathon coming up! Good luck 🙂 Keep me posted. No doubt you’ll be awesome.

      • Gilly says:

        It’s an “interesting” course: first half flat, second flat with rolling hills. Aiming for 3:30. Need to stick to the pace and plan, and stay away from the booze before the race, which is hard in Perth!


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