Hi! I hope you’re having a great day.

This morning was the first re-check of skin folds and measurements. I’m pretty surprised that things seem to be changing pretty quickly already. I like it! Measurements for waist and chest are down (where measurements seem to change first). All skin fold measurements are down everywhere besides quads (where they seem to change last).

Weight hasn’t been checked yet, but looking at pictures, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same or heavier. More muscle in the upper body looks like it has been added, which is the goal for this particular shoot. It seems really crazy that this is happening so quickly but I’ll take it! There have been no changes to lower body in regards to skin fold measurements, girth or appearance.

As you can see from how closely things are watched, preps can easily cause you to scrutinize yourself. If there is a tendency  to be super hard on yourself or it’s difficult to be objective and not take things personally, get a coach to look at your numbers for you and just let the plan work. Trust your plan and focus more on the way clothes are fitting, if anything. Watching things too closely  is a little stressful for some and for others it can be downright draining, maybe even dangerous. If you feel like prepping for a show or shoot is the right choice for you, choose to see it like a game and a fun learning experience. Observe how different changes to nutrition and training can make differences along the way. Be interested instead of critical, and it can stay very fun.

I know this shoot prep is going to be a great learning experience and although I really like to play around with things on my own, it feels really good to know there is help and support there when I need it.

Steph stopped in at Fitness Forum yesterday with her little guy, Morgan and it was great to see them. She has been such a huge part of everything since the first show prep and I love having her there. I feel very fortunate to have met many people who, like Steph, have been very helpful and supportive. It helps so much to have a positive mentor(s) and someone who will be completely honest with you when you need it. We all need that sometimes. We’ve developed a really awesome coach/competitor relationship and a great friendship. When we discuss preps, she’s not afraid to take a firmer grip on things if I’m feeling unsure, and that is something needed from time to time and very much appreciated.

Morgan’s first birthday is coming up and it’s crazy how big he’s getting. He’s so awesome and happy, just like his mom.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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