Date Change!

The shoot date has been changed to November 20th. This sounds perfect to me. Slow and steady sounds like a sweet deal. There is also a wedding in September that I can now enjoy some delciousness/fun at 🙂 Yessss. Things are working out perfectly.

For this shoot, the “desired look”  is a more full/harder look. Pretty much almost stage ready while making sure that fullness is maintained to look “strong” and not too small. I like it! This means heavy lifting can be maintained pretty much straight through which keeps things super enjoyable. I’m just going to have to be more creative with leg training, now since they tend to hold more body fat than any other area and with the Tendon issue, sprints and plyos are out for now. Direct arm (like the standing biceps curls in the video) and shoulder training will be increased to help maintain fullness. This seemed to help a lot this previous prep.

Carbohydrate intake from starches and fruit is kept higher on weight training days 170g-200g, with about 50% of that eaten post workout. On cardio only days (every 3rd day) they are lower at 90g. Higher carbohydrate days, fat intake from an egg yolk, coconut oil, omega 3.6.9 oil and fish oil is lower at about 40-50g while on lower carbohydrate days it is higher at about 60-70g. Protein is eaten with every meal, 6-7 times per day in portions of 30-35g. Vegetables are eaten with every meal besides post workout (1-2 cups). This food intake won’t change unless fat loss slows.

BCAA intake has increased and, thanks to my wicked awesome sponsors, Kleissinger Labs and Healthy Body Services(HBS) I’m supplied with wicked product for this shoot prep. It helps a lot. Allmax Aminocore (BCAAs) has been started this week as well as an increase of glutamine intake.

Getting a little fired up right now 🙂

I hope you’re having a great weekend!


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