Meal Plan Food Options

Here are the food options for this shoot prep, which also aren’t very different from off-season and may not change very much. Just the portions and timing will change as things go on.

Protein Sources(meat sources are certified free-range organic):

-Chicken breast

-Extra Lean ground beef (ground sirloin)

-Egg whites

-Free-range organic eggs or omega 3 eggs

-Turkey breast

-Occasionally tilapia

-Maybe salmon, but if so, very rarely


-Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty GF Cereal

-Quinoa (still have to pick some up!)


-Sweet potatoes

-Northern Beans

-Once in a while, white potatoes



-Coconut Oil

-Fish oil

-Omega 3.6.9 oil(udo’s oil or Northcoast naturals EFA 3.6.9.)

-Egg yolk from free-range organic eggs or omega 3 eggs

-Olive oil



-Field Greens






-Snow peas

-Sugar Snap Peas


-curry powder

-oregano on its own or italian seasoning

-sometimes mrs. dash


-sometimes chili powder



-tabasco sauce


Cheats but not really cheats:

If I get cravings and it’s not a good idea to have a “cheat,” which sometimes happens when I’m tired or right around that awesome but not really awesome time of the month, I’ll have things like:

-sometimes carbonated sugar-free pop (the carbonation  helps you feel full plus you get some flavour)

-perrier water with stevia and lemon/lime (the carbonation helps you feel full, you get some flavour and it helps avoid water retention/stomach upset which some can experience with the artificial sweeteners/dyes in pop)

-sugar free jello

-a delicious tasting protein powder like cookies and cream or peanut butter/chocolate

-lots and lots and lots of vegetables with stevia, mustard and apple cider vinegar

I don’t find it’s a very good idea to have real cheats when it’s PMS super cravings. I find my will power isn’t the greatest around that time and it’s harder to just stop with a little bit.

If I really wanted to and just let myself eat whatever, I could eat a very disgusting amount of food around that time…I mean a very disgusting amount even for a grown man. It doesn’t seem that bad in the off-season, but if training has increased a lot or body fat percentage is close to contest shape then it can be pretty bad.

Staying more gluten-free should help in many ways and I’m very excited about that! It will be cool to learn from.


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