A Few Wicked Awesome Girls:Meaghan Terzis, April Haynes and Lynsey Noseworthy

Yesterday marked the 4 week out point for client, Meaghan Terzis from the CBBF Nationals. It’s been awesome working with Meaghan since her first show and watching her grow, change and climb levels while having so much fun is just amazing.

She has a great attitude, which keeps things fun for her. She is an amazing mother, she knows what the important things are to her, she knows her values and doesn`t stray from that. She works things into her life while keeping a great balance with the other very important parts of her life. Meaghan will continue to do as well as she wants to in this industry while staying true to herself.

Tonight we have a meeting to go over progress, posing and to see her awesome new material for her suit. Fun and exciting stuff!

A big huge welcome goes to April Haynes! April will be competing in her first show in the spring in the OPA Bikini Division. We met up for the first time last weekend to go over her goals and lifestyle. This way we can work together to make things  `work in`as much as possible while keeping things fun and avoiding as much stress as possible.

April is a mother of a 1-year-old boy and a personal trainer with a packed schedule. She needs to get the most of her workouts and meals so that she is still able to function as a mother and motivator, among her other responsibilities, while reaching her goals. Her enthusiasm is awesome and it`s so much fun seeing how excited she is about this new step!

She has transformed her body in an awesome way since the birth of her son, Hunter. Feeling the confidence that comes from a physical transformation, she now feels ready to take things up a notch and try out the OPA Bikini Division.  Gooooo April!

Working with Lynsey Noseworthy began early spring when she made the decision to begin working her way toward her first show. She competed for the first time this June in the UFE Bikini Model category. She did such an awesome job and looked amazing.

Even with being a very busy person as a single mother and with working full time, she doesn`t make excuses. Lynsey’s transformation has been incredible. And now, her new goals of eventually switching over to Figure are in the works. Her program has been changed to match her goals and it is very exciting watching her change and work her goal-driven butt off. Lynsey`s next show will be in the spring, also. The category at that time will be decided later on. Either way, she’ll have some sweet new muscular development and continue to look incredible!

Now these are some Wickedly Awesome Amazing girls!!


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