14 Weeks Out From Shoot Plans

Hi there!

At 14 weeks out tomorrow a meal plan has been put in place. It is really not complicated or very much of a change from this off-season. It is also a lot like the pre-contest meal plan from last season. The difference from last season’s contest prep plan being I’m going to keep red meat in more often (every 3rd day on the lower carbohydrate days), no gluten containing foods will be eaten (Cream of Wheat and Oats were used quite often last prep) and there is less cardio or energy expenditure work being done. Starting now, I will not be having as many “cheat meals” or extra servings of things as I do in the off-season which is anywhere from 3-4 meals/week. Now it is 1 cheat meal/week maximum. This will change to less as we go on.

There are no fat-burners or coffee being taken in. This allows less stress to be put on the body and helps prevent energy drops and night-time cravings that can happen when stimulants are used.  ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) will be added back in for anti-oxidant support and to help stabilize blood sugar. 4 cups of green tea will be taken in each day.

Photo by Andriy for X-Processed Photo

I am super excited to shoot with Andriy and feel this is such an awesome opportunity, and although things will not be as intense as contest prep, I do need to be sure my health stays in check, that I am able to function well in the other areas of life and that I am still able to work toward my goals. This is being ensured by making sure sleep time is adequate, through check-ins with the Doc, by managing time well and by keeping my emotional/physical wellbeing in check. This is done through setting a “bed time,” staying organized, daily meditation, listening to my body and keeping the things in that make life enjoyable: quality time with family, friends, laughter and not taking everything so seriously!

Results will happen whether we’re thinking about them all the time or not (and more easily). If you’re working toward goals of fat-loss, building muscle, improving athletic performance or whatever the goal may be,  have your meal/training plan in place, believe in it and know that you will get to your goal. Just know that, and during the times between meals and training, let yourself be there. If you’re with your family, be there. If you’re with your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends, be there. If you’re at work, be there. If you’re in the gym, be there. Things become exhausting when they consume our thoughts and stay fun when we let them be a part of our lives, not our whole lives. This doesn’t mean that you won’t stay on track with your meals and training, it actually makes it a lot easier to do so when you have more energy and a relaxed frame of mind.

Very excited right now:)


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