Stimulants: A Fat-loss Hindrance?

A new client asked a question the other day when we were going over her goals.* She stated, ” I want to lose weight, so do I eat less or take fat-burners?”

Fat-burners should not be looked upon as a crutch for fat-loss or a way to make up for poor food choices.

Looking back at her question, “…do I eat less or take fat-burners.” I had asked her to track 3 days worth of meals so it would be easier for us to look over some typical days of eating. Going through things together, she began to see that it may not be about “eating less”  but about what is being eaten and when.

These are things to look over before deciding to add in a fat-burner. It may seem like a great idea as easy quick fat-loss is often promised and who wouldn’t want that, right? It may not always be that simple. Stimulants (caffeine, ephedrine, etc) can cause reactions that, over time and/or if used without care, can make weight loss very difficult and can affect your health in many ways (physical and psychological). They can also make it difficult to keep body fat percentage down to a desirable level without them.

Stimulants may cause a “crash,” blood sugar fluctuations and interrupted sleep. When these things happen, we may have increased cravings for goal hindering food choices and be more likely to give into these cravings. In this way, they can be a fat-loss hindrance.

Before choosing to add any “extras” to your supplement regime, see that you are doing all that you can in regards to training and nutrition to reach your goals in a healthy and natural way. Do your research and if you are seeking guidance, look for a coach, trainer, etc who is interested in your health and well-being for the long run, not just for short-term goals.

*Permission given by client to use this example.


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