The Costs of Figure Competition Part 2

originally posted @FITLODE.COM

In the first part we went over prices for groceries, supplements and suits. In part two, we will look at more of the things you’ll need for show day!

Shoes: These clear heeled sexy things can be found in various places, including online competition shops and, believe it or not, stores which specialize in clothing for exotic dancers. The cost can be $30-$100 (for the sake of making an average price, we’ll say $60). Remember, they don’t have to be fancy, clear slip-on stilettos are fine. You don’t want them to take the attention away from your physique and your suit.

Jewellery: Can be found at pretty much any jeweller, and it’s not necessary to go all out. A tennis bracelet and chandelier style earrings containing crystals or cubic zirconia for stones will look just as great on stage and will save you a fortune. It’s not necessary to spend more than $50 on jewellery.

Tanning: A spray tan can be done for an average of $100. Ask the show promoter or check the federation’s website to find out if this service is offered. This may even include touch-ups for the day of the show. Not having to do it yourself takes a lot of work away from you, so you can have more time to relax the night before the show.

Hotel costs: If staying out of your city or town, this may be $100-$150/night depending on where you stay. Find out what the host hotel is, they may offer a group rate. Also, look into sites that allow you to search low prices for hotels in the area.

Registration: This will depend entirely on the federation. Costs can vary from $200-$400, including registration and membership fees.

This list does not include coaching services. Prices of coaching can vary greatly depending on who you choose to work with. This can be a very valuable part of prep and if you do go with one, incorporate this pricing into your plan, as well.

Seem like a lot? It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming if a plan is put into place. We’ll use a competition prep time of 12 weeks for the purpose of this example.

Breakdown of Approximated Costs:

  • Groceries:              $900
  • Supplements:       $600
  • 2-Piece Suit:         $250
  • Jewellery:                  $50
  • Spray Tan:              $100
  • Hotel (2 nights):   $300
  • Registration:          $200
  • Total:                $2500

Now, with all of these costs laid out, it’s no mystery that contest prep can be expensive (and quite easily more so than this example). This can be worked into a tighter budget by putting a set amount away each week. For example, if you have a full year to save for this contest prep, with 52 weeks in a year, you could put away $48 a week to come up with $2500. To make saving money easier, look at unnecessary expenses (daily coffee, overspending on purchases, overspending on nights out, etc). If there’s a desire to really make something work, when we are diligent, there is a huge chance we will succeed.

Good luck with your savings and see you on stage!


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