New Training!

Hi there! It’s time for some new training 🙂 This past week was used as sort of a relax week, since the tendon or stress fracture deal. Training was still kept up but it was not as intense and care has been taken to avoid movements that bother the area and could delay healing and/or make things worse (squats, lunges, anything that involves foot flexion, and any foot pounding movements). It’s feeling a lot better and should be all gone soon. When it is, I’m looking forward to getting into some sweet new lower body training.

The goal this offseason is still to keep up the “train like an athlete” mindset. It is a lot of fun and a nice challenge. Although there may have been some upper body size lost, that’s okay right now. It’s been nice to feel lighter, quicker and actually stronger.

Training seems almost like a little game now, to see what can be done and changed and it’s really fun to experiment without really having any set “deadlines” at this point. Strength is fun to test and I’m recognizing more and more the power of visualization. If you visualize the changes you want to see, and believe you can complete the movements that you want to complete, then you will.

This coming program will be a 4 day split, one lower body day and 3 days mostly focusing on upper body. Here is an example of an upper body day which is right from a program design by Body Transformation‘s Carter Schoffer. Each week the sets/reps change. Week 1 examples are given:

1 a) bent over pronated grip bar bell row (4 sets/6 reps)

b) close-medium grip bar bell bench press (4 sets/6reps) (will use DBs and change weight/rep scheme for safety when not working with a spotter)

rest 60 seconds between each

2 a) Corner press (3 sets/9 reps) rest 10 sec

b) corner row(3 sets/9 reps) rest 10 sec

c) t-push up(3 sets/ 4 reps)

rest 120 seconds before returning to a)

3) bent over clavicle row (2 sets/12 reps)

rest 90 seconds between sets

Carter’s original program design was for a show prep about a year and a half ago. The leg days were amazing for putting on size! This is not the goal right now, but the methods from the upper body days will be used for two of the 4 day split.

There isn’t really any cardiovascular work being done, right now. Soon, some metabolic complexes will be added (no foot pounding movements for now though, which are a lot of fun to include). Here is a sample of one run-through of a metabolic complex from Jeff Kuh for Wet Wolf Training, originally posted Try 8 reps of each movement, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat 5 times. This = awesome!

I’m itching to get into it. Have a great weekend!


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