Don’t live for other people

Holy supportive!!! Thank you for the messages and words of support! It means so much and I feel very lucky right now.

The stress fracture really is not something to be overly concerned about (if it even is a stress fracture). It was brought up because I think all of us need to be aware of the things that can happen when we choose to compete. We need to be smart, be sure we are doing all we can to handle the imbalances that can occur during contest prep and not neglect the other important aspects of life.

When we choose shows, we need to be healthy and prepared before we begin prepping,  both mentally and physically so we are better able to handle the whole process.  It is challenging, it is hard, the process is not healthy and it’s not for everyone. Look at all aspects before choosing to compete and decide what you feel is worth it for you.

A recent message (permission given by the great girl to post this excerpt) “I feel like I’m run down and need a break (from shows) but I also feel as though if I stop I’ll be looked upon as a failure and as a weakling. Like I’ve let everyone down.”  She is not the only person who has felt something similar. I know I have and others have voiced it as well. What requires more strength, choosing your health and wellbeing by taking a break from something that is physically, emotionally and spiritually draining you, or allowing the perceived views of others to keep you in something that you don’t even really feel is right for you right now?

The people who matter will want you to be happy, whether that means you’re competing, training for your own enjoyment or reaching some other goal that brings you joy. Don’t try to live for other people. At the end of the day, if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing and especially if it’s causing you emotional and/or physical damage, it’s time for a change. And breaks don’t have to be forever. Give yourself time to decide what you feel is right and worth it for you.


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