Possible Stress Fracture

Since visiting with the Physiotherapist and receiving the ultrasound treatments, what originally was thought to be tendon  inflammation may be a stress fracture. These can be pretty difficult to detect and may not show up on x-rays or scans. At the end of the week I go in for some scans anyway to see if one can be detected.

Stress fractures can be caused by various things including increasing training intensity too quickly to adapt to, training on unfamiliar surfaces (eg: running on pavement if you are used to a track or treadmill. Whoops.), Insufficient nutrition to support activity level (a lot of contest prep practices), and low estrogen (this can happen when females carry a lower level of body fat than what is healthy for them, like during contest prep) and amenorrhea (missed periods).

The most important thing for stress fractures is rest.  Nutrition needs to be adequate and so do body fat levels. My current Body fat percentage and nutrition may not be the reason for this to be a possibility, now. But it could be from earlier practices, running on pavement or maybe some combination. My right foot pronation could have a hand in it as well (which could also lead to shin splints)

If it is a stress fracture and not a serious one (I’m guessing if it is a stress fracture it’s not too serious) then there’s a good chance it will heal up on its own with rest/precautions. If I were to be ridiculous and kept training in a way that could impact it (running, jumping),  larger fractures and perhaps problems that may never entirely go away could be the result. There’ll be none of that stuff going on over here!

This is being taken as another sign that a fall show may not be such a great idea and I am actually thankful for a little kick in the butt. This is a wierd coincidence to follow-up a conversation with a really great friend about doubts about doing a fall show. I love competing, the challenge, the lessons, sharing it with my family and the people closest to me, along with all the great people who come along in the process. But there needs to be balance. Show preps may not allow much room to put a lot of  focus into other things. Everything of importance needs to be looked at before choosing to begin prepping (health (emotional and physical), family, relationships, career and life goals, etc). It can be easy to become so wrapped up in things that the other parts take a back seat. This just isn’t a good time and it’s relieving to admit that!

Training can still go on, with more care taken, and now there is less pressure of really “needing” to aim for anything in regards to body composition at this point. I’ll just keep enjoying what I’m doing and see what happens next!


2 thoughts on “Possible Stress Fracture

  1. Michelle Malek says:

    Hey Renee!
    Your post about stress fractures is very interesting to me! I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this! I have been experiencing shin splints for about 4 months now. I have been resting them (my legs) and avoiding doing interval cardio on the treadmill. They would go away for a while, and come and go depending on what I do in the gym. They have gotten as painful as being unable to job a few steps, such as running across the street.

    I recently asked a personal trainer about them, and his advice was to “rub” or “message” them intensly, and they should be gone. I did this on saturday and the next day I did not feel them, I was very excited! I started to run, starting at 3 km, and the pain came back slightly. Am I doing damage? Do shin splints cause stress fractures?

    I hope that you will do the fall show despite your fracture! Good luck!

    • reneeprimeau says:

      Hey Michelle!
      Sorry to hear about your shin splints. Have you seen anyone about them? A physiotherapist or gone to a Sport’s Injury Clinic?
      If you’re saying they disappear and then come back again, they can help you find out what’s causing it. Things like Ice and rest might help, but if it’s something like foot position or running style that’s causing them, then ice/rest may just give you temporary relief and the pain could return when you get back at it again. That’s where it would help to see someone. That way you can work together to avoid having it happen in the future.
      Let me know if you are looking for a physiotherapist.
      Here’s some info on shin splints:

      Thanks a lot for the well wishes. I’m thinking it’s a good idea to wait this one out.
      When I really take a good look at things, this isn’t the right time for a show prep, stress fracture or no stress fracture, anyway 🙂

      Talk to you soon pretty girl,


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