Lower Body Day Today!

Originally posted at previous blog

This is the beginning of a program switch from Jeff Kuh’s “Total Body Assault.”

The program will be added shortly. I’m not really too sure which direction to take right now. It seems with less “bodybuilding” type training, my shape has changed but I’m not sure if this is “good” or not or which type of training would be best to go with from here. It seems like I might have lost some upper body size, which isn’t really that big of a deal as long as everything comes together well (if it’s in proportion to everything else; waist and legs inclusive). I could also train to put it back on, if necessary.

My coach, Steph, always laughs at me when I think I’m losing too much muscle. She says I think too much like a guy lol. Hopefully this is the case this time too! I’ll take some pictures and also check in with Steph to see how things are coming along. It’s harder to be objective when using the mirror as a guage.

If I do choose to do the Novemember 27th show, 16 weeks out would be August 7th. Beginning at 16 weeks seemed to work well last time, so I’d like to go with that again. Being leaner than I was at 16 weeks out from the April 10th show might make this contest prep an even more gradual progression to stage shape. We’ll see what happens. There haven’t been any final decisions made about doing the show yet and I’ll most likely wait until very close to prep time before setting anything in stone.

Whether or not this show is chosen, it’s nice to know if things are on the right track in regards to training and body composition so that when shows are decided upon, it’s easier to feel excited and confident going into prep.


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