Summer Bootcamp!

The last day of the first Summer Bootcamp was yesterday and it has been awesome! With just over 4 weeks together, strength increases and body compostition changes are coming along so well. Along with the start of body composition and strength changes in these awesome women, there is an obvious increase in confidence 🙂 So cool.

Everything has gone so well that we’ll be continuing on into the summer months. Anyone is welcome to join in! The first session will be on Tuesday, July 14th at 7:30PM. This will be a 6 week program held once a week. The cost is $50. If you bring two friends with you, the cost is only $25 for you and if you bring 3 friends, it’s free for you.

If you would like more information (location, etc) feel free to send me an e-mail:

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Summer Bootcamp!

  1. Honorata says:

    I love it!!!! I’ve done 4 weeks and here I’m again! I feel better I look better! You can find half an hour for yourself, you’re so wotrh it!!!! life is too short and TV is overrated:)
    You are awesome !!!

  2. reneeprimeau says:

    You’re so awesome Honorata and you have such great energy!! It’s so great seeing your strength improve AND your physical changes so quickly! This is just the beginning of awesomeness for you.
    See you Tuesday!! 🙂

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