Keep it colourful.

Keeping a wide variety of colours for our fruit and veggie choices helps us take in a wider range of vitamins, minerals, and other important stuff.


This is super important and great to incorporate, not only for the fun of experimenting, but also for our overall wellbeing, vital functions, and for our body composition and fitness goals.



Eat Well; Feel Amazing


When we’re eating to support our health and wellbeing for the majority of the time, we feel and function so much better and in countless ways. We can notice changes in how we function during day-to-day activities and tasks, how we perform in the gym and elsewhere, how we handle and perceive various situations, and so much more.

There are countless benefits of making better nutrition a priority. (And it isn’t necessary to make gigantic changes to notice differences).


Let’s focus on Progress Not Perfection

Focus on progress not perfection.

Whatever the goal may be, taking the opportunity to recognize and celebrate successes and steps forward (however small they may be perceived to be) can help give us momentum rather than becoming limited (or paralyzed) by unrealistic expectations and perhaps becoming stuck on what we could have done better.

Let’s forget that self-defeating self-talk. Small steps lead to big change and it’s incredibly helpful to continuously remind ourselves of this and all our wins (whatever they may be).


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