The CMHA Mental Health For All 2016 Conference

Having such a great day here today!

Some of our team left to right: Hollie speaking on Mental health housing, Nicola speaking on Supporting substance using individuals, Shonna supporting and being awesome, Susan speaking on working within a trauma informed mental health frame work, me speaking on Making the mind-body connection in mental health, and Michelle at our CMHA-middlesex information booth. 

The grass can be greener where we water it.

I found this quote image and small note written last year. It got me thinking a bit tonight. I added to it a bit and wanted to share it here.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

Someone chose this a their own personal quote for an activity we were doing and I thought it was really cool.
I don’t think we should settle if we truly aren’t happy, and I do think, as we grow as people, changes to our external experience may be necessary to fit our growth sometimes, but I also think there’s a difference between settling for less than what we feel we deserve, want, or feel would be a better fit for us, and just never really being present enough to see and experience how good we may already have it (or could make it).

I feel like Our world of “hyper-connectivity” through social media, etc may even contribute by making potentially perceived options or differences (in various domains) seem like a better fit, more attractive, more happiness promoting, etc. than what we already may have right in front of us.

Someone reminded me of this cool statement yesterday and I loved it: The grass is not always greener on the other side but we can make our own greener by caring for and watering it (….I think I just really butchered that, but I’m sure you get the point, lol :))

I don’t think growth always means entirely new things all the time. Sometimes it can mean accepting, improving, building upon, and/or growing with what we already have.

Excited for Meaghan Terzis’ Hosted StrongCamp London

I’m so excited about this!


“STRONG Camp is coming to London Ontario September 10-11th!!! There are going to be amazing workouts and speakers. Renée Primeau to help with workouts and nutrition. Gillian Mandich doing yoga and paring up with Dr. Carlen Costa to talk women’s empowerment and and special guest Liana Saadi Louzon with Rocking Vibe. Also a special spin class at Hi-Ignition Fit Lab thanks April Crake.”

Heading off this morning to do some final touches on the presentation and workouts, in between appointments and can’t wait.🙂

Excited to meet and see everyone taking part in this tomorrow and Sunday!

Cutest Journal

Yesterday, in between some visits, downtime, and work, I went out to get a new journal/notebook and came across this guy 🙂 I wanted to experiment and see how it would be to, instead of the standard journals I normally have (plain covers), try using one that put a smile on my face.
Anyone who knows me knows animals light me up. Love looking at this little guy below. (Dollarama $3!)

14233145_10153809972976190_4349601231944707897_n (1)

Journalling is something I’ve done since I was 5 years old and learned to write (and still wished I had those journals to look back on!).

Reasons I journal now are: for an outlet (a “brain dump” and (perhaps) an intuition channel, you could say), a free writing tool, a workout tracker, and to keep me organized with daily lists (although sometimes there are other notebooks I’ll use to supplement and for particular reasons, especially if there is a particular goal in mind workout/nutrition wise (it makes it really easy to track and look back on when notebooks are separate)).

If you journal, I would absolutely love to hear about it and your reasons! Feel free to use the contact form here or comment below, if you’re open to that.

Contact form here.