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There is only one person who can prevent you from taking effective action in your life. 
There is only one person who can make you
take steps toward living the life you deserve.
That person is always you.






Where we stood in the past never determines where we can stand now...





 Maybe there was a time when we were not very nice to ourselves, and in return the people and the situations we allowed into our lives weren’t all that nice to us either.

Maybe this is how we're living right now.

We can only be treated and seen as well as we choose to treat and see ourselves. We deserve to live and feel better and to see 

We're strong enough to make better choices.

We can settle for less or we can rise above, blame or take responsibility. Look up at an overwhelming mountain or see some rocks that we should probably start climbing.

We can leave situations and circumstances that feel wrong or we can stay, throwing away our dignity. We can choose to say yes when we mean no allowing ourselves emptiness and disgrace or say no and choose our self worth.

We are so incredibly valuable and we can trust ourselves enough to know when something isn't right.

We can not only see ourselves as capable of being better people but know that we already are, maybe we've just slipped a little. 
We deserve the best 
We can live, laugh, love, smile and play like we mean it, living great lives though the changes we've chosen for ourselves. Or we can stand still and settle, wondering what it would be like if we'd only made better choices.



Change Through Choice

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